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plants SAP

Product Description

Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) is a highly water-absorbent macro molecular material.It can absorb water up to several hundred times its weight. In addition,it’s non-toxic,odorless and nonpolluting. Our different kinds of SAP are widely used in agriculture, water blocking tape,baby diaper,sanitary towel field.



Warm Prompt

1. SAP can be used together with pesticide, fertilizer and plant growth regulator. During use, SAP should be put at the bottom, which should be separated by soils.
2. SAP should be sprayed evenly in sowing furrow and hole.
3. SAP is quite different from water-yielding agent. Water the soil according to its actual situation. If no watering, spray SAP when enough rain has fallen. Add water in time.
4. Select best using methods according to planting way in different regions.
5. Various using methods can be combined simultaneously.


Packing & Delivery


20Kg/Bag,25kg/bag ,800KG/BAG or as per your requirements.


Shipped in 7 days after payment.