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Maintain Stable Growth of Foreign Trade
Time£º2016-01-16 source£ºZibo Zhenyu Import And Export Co.,Ltd.

China’s foreign trade growth has slowed down in the second half of 2011. Export in January this year cannot make us optimistic and is expected to have negative growth year-on-year due to Chinese New Year and other factors. Chinese trading companies, particularly small and micro businesses, have come under growing pressure. Foreign trade, an integral part of the Chinese economy, is essential to people’s life and jobs. Premier Wen Jiabao has said on various occasions that the government will adopt measures to help businesses overcome difficulties in order to maintain stable growth in foreign trade.

While taking measures to stabilize exports, the Chinese government will continue to energetically expand imports and further balance foreign trade. For example, we will do more in removing unreasonable restrictions in imports, promote import facilitation, and formulate financial policies to encourage and support imports.